What is Oxford Area Solutions for Housing (OASH)?

Oxford Area Solutions for Housing (OASH) is a secular group working to respond to and prevent homelessness in the Oxford, Ohio, area. It is led by four facilitators with expertise in community-based planning, social services, justice work, academics and research who provide support, planning, and assistance to the group. OASH has an email list of around 100 persons and averages 30 persons at each monthly meeting.

OASH held its first official community meeting in June 2023. The group developed out of a felt need to address and understand what was perceived as a growing population of persons in the community experiencing homelessness. OASH formed as a merger of the Eradicating Systemic Poverty Team of the Oxford Presbyterian Church and the Oxford Homelessness Network, representing the Board of the local non-profit, Oxford Citizens for Peace and Justice

OASH is organized around the 6 sectors of any community: education, government, faith-based groups, civic and philanthropic organizations, business and economy, and human services, and utilizes a community-based process to develop written action plans for each sector. 

Anyone from the public is encouraged to attend monthly meetings and select a “sector” to join based on their skill set or passion. The hope is to develop a coordinated approach among the many community groups already working in a variety of ways to respond to and prevent homelessness. It was felt that everyone needed to be ”rowing our boat in the same direction” in order to be effective.