Get Involved

As the Oxford community continues to learn more about our friends and neighbors who are experiencing homelessness, action plans and goals are evolving. At each successive meeting, new people attend who are concerned and passionate about making change happen. 

Do you have a passion or even just a mild interest in helping to make change happen? Are you good at reaching out one-on-one with compassion and kindness? Do you have skills in planning and organizing? Have you experienced homelessness? Are you a good networker with many contacts? Do you have ideas and dreams for a community where all are housed? Are you enthusiastic about making life better for those in need? Do you want to see how you might get involved, but don’t know exactly how to begin? Attend a meeting and check out OASH!

All are invited to attend monthly meetings on the fourth Monday of each month (except December) held from 5-7PM at the Seminary Building at the Presbyterian Seminary Building, 104 E.  Church St., Oxford, Ohio. Pizza is served. Questions? Contact

No one person has the one magic key to making homelessness disappear, but if each person works in their own area of passion or skill set, progress can be made. It is the synergy that makes this work.

Homelessness is solvable, and we all have a role to play.