How Property Owners Can Help

In our current economic climate, many families are struggling to make ends meet and find housing in our city. However, local organizations like the Butler Metro Housing Authority (BMHA) exist to help these citizens through Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs). Some of you have worked with the BMHA in the past.

OASH offered an informational meeting about the HCV Program for all property owners in Oxford, Ohio on March 18, 2024. Watch the recorded videos

The BMHA has helped many families in Oxford through their voucher program for years. At no extra cost, you can help fight against housing insecurity in Oxford. The property owner and tenant relationship are almost identical when working with the HCV program. There are two main differences:

  • An additional housing inspection, at no expense to the property owner, that is nearly identical to the housing inspection performed by the City of Oxford.
  • Once a signed lease agreement between the tenant and yourself has been established, 80% to 100% of each month’s rent will come directly from the BHMA.

Joining this program does not reduce your control as a property owner; tenant qualifications and lease terms are still set by you. Any property owner can register with BMHA by contacting them directly (you do not need a property management company to assist you, though you can if you wish).

For more information, please contact Butler Metropolitan Housing Authority at (513) 896-4411 or via email at

Butler County Resources

The following links take you to Butler Metro Housing Authority’s website to learn more about the program and to see how much income your rental unit is worth.

HCV Fact Sheets

The HUD informational site for property owners offers a wealth of information about participating in the HCV program. Highlighted below are some fact sheets and an informational video.