Graphic listing the six major sectors of society in a circle.

OASH is organized around the 6 sectors of any community: education, government, faith-based groups, civic and philanthropic organizations, business and economy, and human services, and utilizes a community-based process to develop written action plans for each sector. 

Sector Action Plans


  • Goal 1: Identify ways to assist with student/school needs of those experiencing homelessness
  • Goal 2: Develop and implement an Art Boxes for Healing program and offer it via community partners to children at risk of or who have experienced homelessness
  • Goal 3: Develop a program for completion of GED or equivalent for homeless, those at risk, or others
  • Goal 4: Offer a financial literacy adult education class in the Oxford area


  • Goal 1: Increase participation in OASH and Faith-based Sector (FBS) by different faith communities from the Oxford area.
  • Goal 2: Create/Increase awareness about homelessness/poverty in the Oxford area among faith-based organizations.
  • Goal 3: Use our faith-based platform to build consistent relationships with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Goal 4: Promote financial literacy in the Oxford area
  • Goal 5: Research what work is already being done by faith communities in other cities

Philanthropy and Civic

  • Goal 1: Compile a directory of possible funders (foundations, civic groups, business) of homelessness projects in the greater Oxford area.
  • Goal 2: Create Kindness bags to be distributed to people who are unhoused on the street in Oxford
  • Goal 3: Involve sector members in planning of funding, perhaps a capital campaign, to ensure sheltering options in the TOPSS one-stop building, and sustainability of TOPSS operations.

Economy and Business

  • Goal 1: Initiate a meeting of rental property owners to discuss the housing voucher program
  • Goal 2: Establish an official, local (in Oxford) data entry “access point” to ensure that persons experiencing chronic homelessness in the Oxford area can obtain housing vouchers (as available)


  • Goal 1: During planning for City budget year 2025, increase sustainability of funding for affordable housing, and for support of TOPSS
  • Goal 2: By the end of 2026, open two permanent heat/cold (and other emergency shelters in Oxford) with quarterly progress reports at City Council meetings.

Human Services

  • Goal 1: Conduct a Point in Time (PIT) count of persons experiencing homelessness in the Oxford area
  • Goal 2: Promote the dissemination of the Oxford PIT count report throughout the Oxford area
  • Goal 3: Ensure Oxford’s participation in the HUD annual Point in Time Count on January 23, 2024